Arlis and Cecil Goff in June 2016

On June 2, 2016, Cecil and Arlis Goff celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.


Arlis is a short-term patient at Life Care Center of Orlando, Florida. Since the Goffs’ anniversary date fell during her stay at the rehab center, a small group of family and friends gathered in the facility’s private dining room to honor the occasion with food and fellowship.


Cecil and Arlis Goff met when they were in their early 20s. Cecil was active in the Air Force and would leave base with his friends to go to town on their down time. Arlis was a junior in college and liked hanging out with her girlfriends when she had a chance. The couple met one Sunday evening while attending church. They ended up having a conversation after service and carpooled with some friends to a local coffee shop. Grabbing coffee together with some friends was a start to their beautiful friendship, which would eventually lead to a wonderful marriage.


A few weeks after becoming friends, Cecil decided to get more serious when he found out another guy had asked Arlis out. Arlis said that she chose to get serious with Cecil because she just knew that he was a good man. Two years later, Cecil and Arlis tied the knot at a beautiful ceremony with family and friends. In fact, the car they drove away in on their wedding day is the same car that their children and grandchildren used on their wedding day. That car is still kept in the family.


The Goffs have two children, a son named Steve and a daughter named Cecilia.


When asked what the secret is to a happy marriage, Cecil responded: “Mutual respect is the most important thing… and letting your wife have her way!” he added with a chuckle.


Arlis’ response to the question was, “You’ve got to stay positive and grateful for what you’ve got. It was always easy for me because my husband is a good man and has always treated me well.”


All the associates at Life Care Center of Orlando congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Goff on their 60th wedding anniversary and wish them even more happiness together!


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